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From a foreign pharmaceutical company

We reached out due to a vacancy in our safety management staff. With a small team and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, we were at a point where we needed to consider future strategies. Receiving consulting from CUES Consulting not only addressed our staffing issues but also provided clear solutions and identified other areas for improvement. Now, the quality of our safety management tasks has improved, and our global operations have become smoother.

From a domestic pharmaceutical company

We thought that only large companies could afford to implement a safety database, but we were surprised to find it within an affordable price range. The introduction of the database has streamlined our workflow, allowing our employees to focus on core tasks. Now, overtime has decreased, and the burden of labor management has been reduced.

From a venture company

We received support for our business license application to the prefectural government, including advice on responding to inquiries, which allowed us to obtain the license smoothly. Post-marketing, they helped organize our change management process, which is crucial to avoid product shortages, allowing us to continue our business with peace of mind. Throughout the entire process, we appreciated the detailed and careful attention to even the smallest matters.

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